Move Without Pain Private Club Paid Membership includes:

52 weekly movement teaching, movement workouts, and Geek Corner classes

  • on-demand expert education in powerful truths behind human movement
  • separate movement workouts to follow along with whenever your schedule allows
  • 24/7 access to ALL health/pain tips (including Geek Corner Videos, supporting docs, articles, and studies)
  • Your questions answered in the Q&A segment of the Geek Corner
  • enhanced movement education provided in the Going Deeper content (new content added weekly)
  • This equals over 67 hours (and growing) and 52 classes of on-demand expert education to learn to move without pain: $60/class; $3,120 value

Pain Self-Assessment: Find Your Pain Culprits

  •  Structured 24 minute self-assessment video to find your real pain culprits $195 value
  • Self-assessment worksheet.

Online Video Education

  • Nourish Away Pain: Learn the 3 ways food promotes pain in your body. $149 value
  • Common Treatments for Pain: Know your risks/benefits of common treatments for pain. $149 value
  • What Works for Pain: Be empowered with what really works to become pain-free. $149 value

Have Lifelong Wellbeing Newsletter

  • Health and movement truths delivered to your inbox monthly $ priceless information

That’s a total value of $3,762 for just.. 
$297 per year
or $27 monthly!